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Well, well, well.  Valentine’s Day is here, and let me guess.  You forgot.  Well so did I, champ, but never fear: It's not too late to show your nerdy boo some love.

Now, I'm not exactly all about supporting a frivolous greeting card industry cashcow of a holiday that only serves to put a price tag on the neurochemical process known as love and then cheapen it.  But let's be honest, it's not like February 14 is the only day to shower your S.O. with gifts.  We comic book fans get a little something most Wednesdays of the month, so whether you wanna show your geeky lady some love or you're a geeky lady who wants to show yourself some love, I have curated a wonderful gift guide for your (definitely belated) fangirl Valentine's Day.


For those of the culinary persuasion, power up your KitchenAid with these Wonder Woman decals from Esty shop GoodMommyLtd.

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Speaking of Wonder Woman, gotta love these WW-themed cloth menstrual pads for that special lady at her special time of the month.  That way, she can save the environment while saving the world.

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Want to spice up the wardrobe?  Over at Superhero Stuff, there’s a great variety of hero-themed lingerie, including some Batman and Superman-themed corset and panty sets, although the Harley Quinn one is a shoo-in here, puddin’.  If you’re into something a bit tamer, they have all sorts of fun rompers, tank dresses and hoodies.

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More of a Marvel fan? Check out We Love Fine’s Captain Marvel apparel collection, curated by Kelly Sue DeConnick, the writer behind Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble (although her other projects Pretty Deadly and the new Bitch Planet are MUST READS.  Seriously, read them now.)  And DeConnick is donating her commission to the Girls’ Leadership Institute, so everyone wins!

(via We Love Fine)

But of course, not every fangirl is into comics.  Is she more of a Harry Potter fanatic?  Black Milk has a fantastic (though sometimes pricey) selection of sporty-chic Hogwarts clothes, like this awesome varsity bomber—you know, to wear at the next Quidditch match.

(via Black Milk)

Is she a Whovian? (Whovienne?)  Etsy is chock full of amazing Dr. Who-themed nail art and decals.

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Does your Khaleesi need some bling for her PC (I am so, so sorry)?  Give her one of these gorgeous Game of Thrones flash drives.  That silver Stark Direwolf is sharp.

(via Think Geek)

Is your lady a rebel?  HerUniverse has a fantastic Star Wars jewelry collection featuring these subtle Imperial stud earrings or this less subtle R2-D2 pearl cuff bracelet.

(via Her Universe)

I’m not a Trekkie (yet—give it time), but I would buy this Uhura makeup bag in a hot second.  It’s retro, simple, and useful.  My three favorite things.

(via Think Geek)

But um, guys?  Can we get back to comics real quick?  Okay, so if you're familiar with DC's Big Barda, you know she carries a gold weapon called the Mega Rod.  Being the sex-positive woman that I am, I assumed that somewhere existed a sex toy of the same name for the Big Barda in all of us, because let's be real, how could there not be a sex toy named the Mega Rod?!

Well, there isn't.  But if you're into the idea, there are a couple options for you.  There's the Pipedream Pure Aluminum gold vibrator, but if you're looking to drop an insane amount of cash (like Bruce Wayne-status) for your Mega Rod, Lelo's $13,500 24K gold vibrator should do the trick.


But of course the ultimate Valentine's Day/Birthday/Christmas/Kwanzaa/summer equinox/whatever gift?  The Netflix of comics.  Yes, Scribd, hallowed by thy name, is offering unlimited access to their selection of comics for $8.99 per month.  That sound your hearing is a million credit cards flying out of their wallets, that is, the sound of true love.

But if you're a cheap bastard (I mean, you're already a bit too late to get a gift anyway, so just admit it), just give your geeky lady one of these fine cards, courtesy of our pals at io9.  Happy Valentines Day!