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Spent the past few years trying to pare down your Facebook feed, but miss the weirdness that your high school friends used to bring you?

Don't worry, a new Twitter account called Facebook Gemz has you covered.

The account, which is run by Sydnee McElroy, a doctor and podcast host, is a sampling of the images that come across McElroy's Facebook feed. In the Twitter bio, McElroy claims she has "willingly curated Earth's worst Facebook feed," and it shows: The account features mom memes, attempts at evangelism, and plenty of weird animals. It's a glimpse into the broader Facebook universe, centered on Huntington, WV.

Naturally, there are plenty of minions.

The nascent account, 11 days old as I write this, is mostly representative of McElroy's feed, but she's started to include some posts from others:

Sometimes it's darkly funny:

Or just funny:

There are a fair number of Christian posts:

Also sometimes it's just screenshots of the Rock's Instagram:

But it's not clear yet that anything the account has posted has topped it's first tweet:

Look at that fat raccoon. Just look at it.

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