Rodrigo Alves, the man known as The Human Ken Doll, who has already had extensive cosmetic surgery, appeared on last night's episode of E!'s plastic surgery show Botched, hoping to get another nose job.

Below, the many faces of Rodrigo as seen on the episode:

1. Rodrigo's face as he is explaining his glamorous lifestyle as an international flight attendant.

2. Rodrigo's face as he unpacks shoes.

3. Rodrigo's face after his first nose job.

4. Rodrigo's current face close-up, in profile.

5. Rodrigo's face as he whitens his teeth.

6. Rodrigo's face as he uses a light on his face to keep the skin tight.

7. Rodrigo's face as he uses a laser hair brush.

8. Rodrigo's face as he's bathing in roses and coconut milk.

9. Rodrigo's face as he explains why he needs a fourth nose job.

(The doctors' faces as they are listening to Rodrigo.)

10. Rodrigo's face when he's smiling at the doctors.

11. Rodrigo's face as he's being examined by the doctors.

12. Rodrigo's face when the doctors tell him if he wants  to correct his nose, they'll have to cut out part of his rib, which will leave a scar on the 8-pack he had surgically sculpted.

13. Rodrigo's face as he jokingly tells the doctors he'd only do the surgery if they could get a rib from a "pretty cadaver" they found in Beverly Hills.


So in the end, Rodrigo didn't get fixed by the doctors on Botched. He did, however, prove to be very funny, upbeat and entertaining.

Thanks Rodrigo!

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