Sears Catalog 1985

The year was 1985. The number one song in America was "Say You, Say Me" by Lionel Richie. And the Sears catalog was filled with magical objects you could buy your loved ones for Christmas.

Wishbookweb has digitized a bunch of Christmas catalogs, ranging from 1933 to 1988. The 1985 Christmas catalog is the best, though because it is full of sweet gifts. Check it out:

Need to have a "Say Anything" moment? Ask Santa for a boombox!

For $1,200 you can record family memories to cherish forever. (Or until your VHS player dies.)


Ruffles and capes and shine. Barbie never looked so good.

Did you like the new Star Wars movie? You would have loved 1985. Robots galore.

Vacuum cleaners can be gifts, I guess?

Nothing says Christmas like an automatic garage door.

'80s hair was all about volume. It's unclear how the brush-like curling iron works, but I bet it makes some mean teased hair.

True love means always having matching loungewear. This couple is destined for eternal happiness.

Do you love your comforter? Do you want to wear it on your leg? YOU CAN.

Wow. Boys' fashion has not changed at all.

"Hot shot style in pastels."

All of these women are beautiful. I'd like to buy all of my beautiful friends these nightdresses.

I would have been so jealous if any of my friends had a LIFE SIZE carousel horse.

Remember when people used to watch movies on VHS tapes and owned physical media? I don't!

The perfect "practical gift for the student… no more messy liquid corrections fluids or cover-up tapes."

This microwave appears to be a double-decker design with a metal rack inside?

Snuggly '80s babies.

All of these Rainbow Sherbet sleeping bag girls are my heroes. They're probably singing "Jessie's Girl." They look so, so happy.

And the ultimate '80s gift for kids: A mini Rolls-Royce. Beep beep! Goodbye, Christmas 1985!

Kelsey McKinney is a culture staff writer for Fusion.