Alexis Madrigal/FUSION

Today, on the border here in San Diego just across from Tijuana, Univision and Fusion put on a massive concert for unity, featuring Andra Day, Juanes, Tigres del Norte, and many more. In a 2016 that’s seen rhetoric ranging from the merely divisive to the outright racist, we gathered here today to remind ourselves that there is another, better way. Here, we saw an audience filled with all kinds of people: families, an old Colombian dude wrapped in his nation’s flag, Chicano hipsters, little goth kids, San Diego surfers, and so many other people who might not otherwise find common cause.

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I took a simple 35mm lens out into the crowd and tried to capture the diversity as best I could.

Jorge Ramos kicks off the show with an impassioned plea to turn back the tide of racism and nastiness in America, welcoming immigrants in the way that he was welcomed years ago.
The world’s most prepared concertgoer instantly blew a kiss and showed her ticket when she saw my camera.
The unusual location meant that many attendees decided to take an unexpected route through an open field between logistics warehouses serving the Tijuana-San Diego commercial border crossing.Alexis Madrigal
It wasn’t the easiest climb up the hill.
But with a few onlookers egging on and trolling the attendees from above, everyone made it.Alexis Madrigal
Diana Vega and a friend rep Los Angeles and Mexico, respectively.Alexis Madrigal
Two women take in Andra Day’s performance of her song, “Rise Up.”Alexis Madrigal
The world’s cutest family getting registered to vote.
Jenny and Liz were yet another pair of people registered to vote at Rise Up.Alexis Madrigal
This squad self-assembled within milliseconds.Alexis Madrigal
Dancing to those old Mexican standards.
Carolina and Yadira rocking it.Alexis Madrigal
BJ, Fernanda, and Bianca are all in waiting for Juanes.Alexis Madrigal
Alexander Alvarez was repping Colombia. Hard.
The Root’s Danielle Young in an incredible jumpsuit and silver shoes.Alexis Madrigal
No one can deny that churros and pink hair are tremendous.Alexis Madrigal