donald trump / facebook

Thursday afternoon, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump tweeted a Cinco de Mayo message to his more than seven million followers, posting the same image to his Facebook page, as well.

Given the longstanding sense of antipathy between Trump and the Latino community, Trump's message, with its gleefully declarative, "I love Hispanics!" kicker, could be read as an attempt by the candidate to pivot to a more congenial general election mode now that the Republican primary race is effectively over. If that's the case, however, the internet isn't letting him make that move lightly.


Almost immediately, the image of Trump eating a taco bowl (placed inside another bowl) became fodder for the sort of internet pile-on typically reserved for Drake's album covers.

There was, of course, a measure of fact-checking to do before the real fun could begin:

But with that settled, Twitter went to work:

("Are we still doing these?" he asked, not half an hour after Trump's original post. The internet moves mighty fast.)

Not everyone needed Photoshop to point out the absurdity of the image.

Some rejected the premise altogether.

And some simply stood back in awe at Trump's seemingly unstoppable ability to make everything about himself.

Indeed, there was a comedic irony in the image that was not lost on most people.

For Fusion's Jorge Ramos, however, with whom Trump has clashed in the past, this Cinco de Mayo message was a major misfire.