Mark Orval, a dad, loves to be extremely mad while driving. How else can one explain this four-minute-long video, in which Orval screams in an Australian accent at a bunch of people for inexplicably honking at him?

As you'll see after you watch the video, he's got a pretty good reason to be mad. His son Mitchell—a perpetual jokester—hung a sign on the back of the car reading, and I quote, "Honk if your horny [sic]." Ugh, kids!

This isn't #AngryDad's first brush with internet fame. Back in November of 2015, Mitchell filmed #AngryDad driving around the United States for the first time; the video of him screaming earned them a write-up in the Daily Mail and boosted #AngryDad's following on Facebook substantially. In total, the #AngryDad YouTube channel has uploaded more than 50 videos of this dad getting real mad, oftentimes while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Orval has compiled an interesting list of accomplishments in addition to his viral vids. In the late 1980s, he played a few games of Australian Rules Football for Collingwood; now he is apparently the founder and CEO of a company called Newzbid, which seeks to pay people for their "newsworthy content." Their slogan is "TURN CONTENT INTO CA$H." (This content included? Unclear.)


Anyway, the AngryDad Facebook page now has nearly 900,000 fans, and they were lovin' this latest installment of the #AngryDad cursing up a storm on the road.

This extremely high praise from Celia was matched by #AngryDad fans on Twitter.

Hard to say it better than Kurodragon says it there. You want an angry dad? This, certainly, is an angry dad.


One YouTube commenter, Trollseeder, expressed skepticism, as one always should with viral and viral-adjacent internet video:

Hmm. Trollseeder raises a good point, but most were not on Trollseeder's side, but rather, on Justin Spencer, who proudly proclaimed "it me" in a YouTube comment below.

May we all see ourselves in the #AngryDad, "raging at every dumb fuck on the road."

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.