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If you couldn’t tell by the lingering aroma of grilled meat, power tools, and slight disappointment, yesterday was Father's Day! And while the day traditionally takes the time to honor the dudes who knocked up our moms (or who are generally father figures), the internet has taken it to the next level by wishing a happy Father's Day not to fathers, but to daddies. You know what I'm talking about.

While seeing the kink-laced term “daddy” on the internet is no new thing, Father's Day is truly a special occasion, allowing fans to honor their favorite celebrity with a dash of our collective Electra complex. Here’s how the internet celebrated Father's Day—starring some of the daddy-est daddies in the game. And some not-as-daddy ones.

Zayn (Zaddy #1)

Just FYI, Zayn's zaddy status is so powerful that his own father got Father's Day shoutouts.


Justin Bieber

happy fathers day @justinbieber we know you got a baby out there somewhere

— ISSA KNIFE (@pieceofjay) June 19, 2016

Justin Trudeau aka Trudaddy ;)

Speaking of Obama…

The Rock

Happy Father's Day to the daddiest daddy of them all ❤️ @TheRock

— yo (@tinasonotturnt) June 20, 2016

Miscellaneous Daddies

omg almost forgot!! happy fathers day to the daddiest of daddys @idriselba xxx

— El Gato (@hayleymasi) June 19, 2016