Generally, when you invite someone to 'Netflix and chill,' you're inviting them back to your own place.

Now, thanks to a couple of artists and Airbnb, anyone with $400 can Netflix and chill in a room specifically designed and decorated for Netflix and chilling.


Put together by ART404 and noted internet prankster Tom Galle, the "room is designed and equipped to experience ‘Netflix & Chill' the best way possible." To help facilitate that, it offers a ton of necessary amenities like a "real bed," Wifi, a projector and screen, a mini bar, and, obviously, a pre-loaded Netflix account.


Did you book in advance but are now no longer "on" to 'Netflix and chill?' Fret not! The cancellation policy is flexible.

There are some rules, however:

We can't allow you to have additional guest over the apartment, and that is a serious request. This is an exclusive experience for 2 people only. We don't own any pets either. We also don't smoke, but if you do, we can probably accommodate if you let us know in advance.

Sound agreeable? This could be you, after gently mocking the contents of the bookshelf in order to break the awkwardness of reserving the Netflix and Chill Room and maybe having a little too much from the mini bar during those four episodes of The Great British Bake Off.

Book today, before someone spoils the ending of Jessica Jones and/or Airbnb removes this listing.


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