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On Friday, Old Navy tweeted an ad showing an interracial couple and their child modeling clothing as part of a 30% off "Thank You" sale.


The Tweet got more than 11,000 likes and 4,400 Retweets.

But this the Internet, and racists couldn't let the image stand.

The racism soon turned into Trumpism.

And then, things got even deeper into the recesses of the kind of Internet debate that's so vile you begin to question your faith in humanity. The logic was too twisted and terrible to follow in its entirety, so I've just posted the some of the more recent ones to illustrate where they ended up.

Luckily, there appeared to be just as many people Tweeting support of the ad, including interracial couples.

Old Navy is standing behind the campaign.

"We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion. At Old Navy, everyone is welcome," Old Navy spokeswoman Debbie Felix told AdWeek.


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