Who is she?? (Credit: Youtube/Pepsi)

After Kendall Jenner, an adjacent media property of Kimsaprincess Inc., 2Die4Kourt, and Khloemoney Inc., unveiled her trainwreck of a Pepsi commercial on Tuesday afternoon, the internet gave back the gift it was given ten-fold with a bounty of good tweets.

Eagle-eyed viewers teased out the absurdity of Jenner—apparently inspired to leave a photo shoot by the sight of attractive millennials holding vague protest signs and drinking Pepsi—tearing off a blonde wig and thrusting it into the hands of a black woman bystander. A great look already!

Others pointed out the inane (and frankly insulting) implication that tensions between police and the communities they patrol–the legacy of decades of brutalizing and arresting people of color at disproportionate rates–could be alleviated by Kendall handing a hot cop an ice-cold Pepsi.

Still other creative souls reimagined what might have been if Pepsi, that elixir of revolution, had only been there at other moments of political upheaval throughout history.

But before you get all fired up about boycotting every PepsiCo brand under the sun (of which there are many!) remember that brands are not your friends and there can be no ethical consumption under capitalism.