There is no fashion like baby fashion, because despite being perfect, babies don't make us feel bad about our waist/height/skin/whatever. That said, there were some babies who really screwed the pooch this year, fashion-wise (I won't name names) and some who spent all of 2015 decidedly on fleek. Let's see which baby is most likely to bring in 2016 in style, shall we?

North West

Whether she was out on the town or just chilling with her cousins, North West looked flawless in 2015.

Here she is, sporting a feathery winter coat (?) that screams "I am a fun and warm baby with very good baby hair and cool jewelry."


North also perfectly pulls off this fall getup, pairing a casual, clean white shirt (no small feat for a baby!), white shorts, and white shoes with whimsical face paint.

That other baby also looks fine.

This is classic North, dressing up a tutu/ballet slipper pairing with a smart blazer and a neat, ballerina-inspired bun. Where are you even going, North? To toddler ballet business school? She is truly a baby of mystery.

North looks awesome in a mom-inspired nude, and get extra points for snubbing Anna Wintour at a goddamn fashion show.

And this one, I mean, come on. Next summer every baby will be wearing sunglasses that are bigger than their faces, mark my words.

Penelope Disick

Penelope, daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, also had some excellent fashion moments in 2015. Here she is channelling Tinker Bell to celebrate her birthday. She's also doing a very good job of remembering that there's no smiling in high fashion.

It's hard to pull off side eye with a pink pacifier in your mouth, but Penelope makes it look easy. The breezy sundress is a nice touch.

Penelope's color-blocking, tight braid, and loose onesie is an excellent choice for a day in Hollywood, and her loner stance definitely ups her cool factor here.

Reign Disick

The second youngest of the Kardashian clan (after Saint, who is probably going to be crowned king of baby fashion 2016, but we haven't seen any photographic evidence that would warrant a spot on the list this year) is Reign, and he is having a pretty good fashion year so far.


Here he is with mom Kourtney, looking fresh and cozy in a  soft, hooded robe. Perfect for those "hanging with mom" afternoons.

Princess Charlotte

Much like our Kardashians, the British Royals are under constant scrutiny. But Princess Charlotte and Prince George, two babies, did not disappoint us this year. Each of them displays both poise in their sartorial choices made for them (presumably by Kate, but honestly who is to say), and have done a stellar job flaunting the rich, tailored fabrics that every royal baby should keep in her wardrobe.


Here's Charlotte, posing with a stuffed toy, and looking good. Those frills and the soft pink with the lovely floral pattern on her dress really pops against the chair and the beige of the teddy. Her neat, short haircut keeps the outfit from looking too girly.

WPA Pool

Charlotte's style has certainly evolved since July, when she sported a truly elegant frock. But the getup looks uncomfortable and if you're not going to have fun at your christening, what's even the point?

Prince George

Not to be outdone is George, who looks posh in this bold summer ensemble. Gotta love his confidence for pairing Mary Janes with bright red shorts and a feminine polo shirt.

Getty Images

Blue Ivy

Bey and Jay's daughter isn't quite as skilled at pulling together complete looks as her baby peers, but she's still the queen of head accessories. Check her out in this floral wreath:

And this one:

And in these bows:

And in this tiara:

And this simple red hat, which is a great way to dress down that cool one-piece swimsuit (and a good contrast to Bey's sailor hat, which is a bit much):

Honorable mentions: Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon

The twin children of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were stylish as ever in 2015. I especially like these classy looks:

And these adorably festive ones:

But, at four years old, the twins have aged out of the best baby fashion list. Sorry, kids.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.