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A reporter tweeted about his experience of being allegedly pulled over by the NYPD in Brooklyn, describing in 44 tweets the terrifying feeling of having the police stop you without explanation.

Michael Cuby, who writes for Vice and Flavorwire, tweeted that he was “traumatized” early Friday morning while on a walk in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he recently moved. According to Cuby, he had no idea he was being stopped by police at first.

Cuby wrote that he still wasn't sure it was police, especially since the car was unmarked. So he ran.

Things got worse from there: Cuby said the officers then allegedly took out a gun.

Despite the hostility of the situation, Cuby wrote that he wasn't sure why he stayed.

Cuby left, but he wrote that he kept "revisiting" the alleged incident.

Fusion has reached out to both the NYPD and Cuby.