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Will celebrities tip the balance in midterm elections? Probably not. But here's a look at some of your favorite famous people hitting the polls and asking you to do the same (and no, we didn't verify whether they actually voted).

Bless you, Patrick Stewart. You're an inspiration to us all.

JT doesn't want any excuses

"Errrrrbody" vote.

Low voter turnout? Time to channel Kindergarten Cop:

Kanye West apparently met with the president and then realized he needed to vote.

Kim Kardashian is "standing with President Obama in the midterm election," not that he's on the ballot.

Reading Rainbow's beloved star gave us a thumbs-up.

Real Housewives do more than drink chardonnay.

John Leguizamo took a ballot selfie.

Zach Braff "bɘƚoV"

Friends that vote together stay together.

Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba had a simple, but effective message.


Dave Matthews strikes a sultry pose on his leather couch as he tells us to vote and eat local.

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