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Monday night just after 11 PM ET, as the debate was wrapping up, the DC-area attorney and Twitter user @metroadlib sent a simple request to her followers:

What happened next? Dozens of people replied to her tweet with photos, gifs, and memes, each more hilarious than the next. They just kept on coming.

People were stunned:

People were incredulous:

People were dismissive:

People were altogether hilarious:


— ✨QUEEN SWEET 3-0🔥✨ (@QueenSweet_xo) September 27, 2016

@metroadlib bish which community???

— Eobard Thawne (@FrankenFert) September 27, 2016

Even their cats were upset:

Every response in the thread—which keeps going and going and going—is a thing of beauty:

See for yourself, right here.