Jorge Rivas/Fusion

Vitor Jose has no idea how many famous drag queens he took pictures with this weekend.

Jorge Rivas/Fusion

At one point on Saturday if you searched for the hashtag to RuPaul’s DragCon, you couldn’t miss Jose’s pictures. It was Jose smiling, his glasses, and famous drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race.

He literally sprinted all over the L.A. Convention Center to maximize his time and get as many pictures as possible.

Vitor Jose searching for Bianca Del Rio during RuPaul's Drag Convention on Sunday.
Jorge Rivas/Fusion

“I’ve been shaking everytime I go to one of the queens,” said Jose. He said he starts conversations by letting the queens know he traveled from São Paulo, Brazil for the two-day conference.

Jose, 29, also has no idea how long he’s waited in line for each picture. Lines wrapped around the convention floor to meet each drag queen.

During our 10-minute interview, he mentioned he needed to find Bianca Del Rio three times. This interview was slowing him down.

“My friends are all jealous I’m here,” Jose said.

After dozens and dozens of pictures with drag queens, just before the conference ended Sunday evening Jose got "the one I wanted."