Elisa Rodrîguez-Vila

Everybody should own art. Buying art doesn't need to be expensive: any good piece will grow on you over time, and you'll love it a little bit more every day. On top of that, buying art is a fantastic way to support artists.

The art world can be highly intimidating, however. So rather than simply repeat all the good advice out there for people who are thinking of buying some art, we at Fusion have decided to try to crowdsource some inspiring art stories. How did you acquire your favorite artwork? Who's the artist? What do you love about it most? How much did it cost?


Post a selfie with your art to Instagram, with the hashtag #meandmyart, or just fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We'll keep this page updated with your collections, and your stories. The idea is to give an idea of how diverse the world of art collecting is – and just how easy and fulfilling it can be. So if you love art, and think that other people should be building a collection as well, get sharing!

Elisa is a designer & illustrator that writes (and doodles) about pop culture, women, diversity and all things art. She is the human behind Fusion's Instagram account and Elvis Presley is her spirit animal.

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