Halloween is almost over, but it's not leaving until we get the annual tsunami of racist, ill-advised costumes.

One student learned the hard way over the weekend not to proudly post your awful Halloween costume on social media after his offensive getup sparked a firestorm. In the photo posted online, a white student at Logan Elm High School in Circleville, Ohio, was wearing blackface, a noose around his neck, and a shirt reading "Black Lives Matter."


To make matters worse, a woman who appears to be dressed as the DC character Harley Quinn is holding a sword to his neck as he lies on the ground.


The student in blackface appears to be the one who first posted the photo online. In an argument screen-captured by another Twitter user, the student defended the costume, saying, "well for one it was a damn joke. Two it was for a halloween party. Third everyone loved it and laughed about it." The student has since locked their account.


Naturally, people were horrified by the student's idea of a costume.

two months away from 2017 and this. this is still occurring. https://t.co/9vKApMjtRq

— MIDΛS (@ReubenJacobO) October 30, 2016

Logan Elm Local Schools superintendent Tim Williams told Fusion he couldn't comment on specific cases, citing state law, but said the district has "policies in place to provide an inclusive and safe environment for all of our students," and that "any time we receive a report that one of our polices may have been violated we take it very seriously and thoroughly investigate the matter."


The student in photo did not reply to a request for comment, but other Twitter users who identified themselves as current and former students of Logan Elm responded on Twitter to defend the school.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.