It's fall, which means leaves, short days, and college kids finding new and improved ways to start shit.

Let me introduce you to the tale of one Jessica Taylor, better known by her Twitter handle, @jessyjeanie.


@jessyjeanie, according to her Twitter bio, is a freshman at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania. Class started just over a month ago at PSU, which means everyone's had a chance to meet the people on their dorm floors, hang out at some fraternity parties, and perhaps start to build a deep and ever-present resentment for your assigned roommate.

Hating your assigned roommate is a tradition as old as time, but subtweeting is not. In a pre-Twitter time, were you ever really sure if that person sleeping across the room from you despised your messiness or pot-smoking habits?

Our friend @jessyjeanie, on the other hand, can be very sure that her roommate hates her: she's been subtweeting her for weeks. "My roommate situation is a horror story," one read. "Two weeks down and I already hate my roommate!," read another.

So our hero took revenge in the pettiest, most dramatic manner possible: printing out all of the subtweets and hanging them in their dorm room.

Now, this in itself is an incredible story, but what's transpired afterward is what truly makes this a worthwhile read.


First, @jessyjeanie gave us some crucial background, along with some receipts to match. (Also, remember, who knows if any of this true, take it all with a grain of salt.)

@jessyjeanie then proceeded to rat out her roommate for drinking in the dorms, retweeting pictures her friends unearthed of her roommate enjoying some Natural Lights (college!). And then she posted screenshots of her RA contacting her. He was tired of the drama:

Things only got crazier from there:

All this apparently led to campus police being called and paying our hero and her roommate's room a visit.

The outcome of the police's visit to the room is unclear, but @jessyjeanie did report that her roommate is sleeping in a different room for the time being.

Was the viral fame worth it for @jessyjeanie? Likely not, considering she will now live the rest of the year as the girl who created this whole awkward mess in the first place, posting every development for the world to see.

But while's she's still on the rise, and as her Twitter follow count swells to more than 15,000, @jessyjeanie will, at the very least, gain something from all this.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.