A group of topless women temporarily blocked a downtown San Francisco street during rush hour traffic this morning.

The demonstration, which is taking place in the city's financial district, appears to be part a national day of action calling for an “end to state violence against all black women and girls.” Activists are using the hashtag #SayHerName, in reference to several black women who died at the hands of law enforcement officers.

The protest started at 8:30am this morning and blocked off Market Street, one of downtown San Francisco's busiest streets.

The protest was organized by Blackout Collective, a Bay Area activist group.

"We wanted to be part of morning commute when people were going to work," Cat Brooks told Fusion during a phone interview after the demonstration.


“This [protest] was in the financial district because profit and capital underlies so much of the trauma that black women go through here and around the globe,” said Brooks, whose organization the Onyx Organizing Committee supported todays event.

Along with the ten women blocking the street were an additional 20 people who acted as security and media liaisons.

Brooks said they didn't hear many complaints from commuters trying to work. In fact, she said there were a few black women on their way to work who ended up joining the protest.