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Non-Trump fans in the U.S., which is to say most of the country, let out a collective groan this weekend as the president returned from his first official trip abroad. And while he was just as much an embarrassment overseas as he is at home, at least Trump was far, far way for nine days.

But now he’s back, and his Twitter fingers were just itching to say something stupid. Trump could’ve commented on a range of issues, such as the Portland terrorist attack that killed two good Samaritans intervening when a white supremacist verbally harassed two Muslim teenagers, for example. Or how Montana Republican Greg Gianforte body-slamming a reporter and still winning a congressional election is actually a disgrace to his party and the country.


But no, it had to be about #FakeNews. And a new theory about leaks. And another tweet about leaks that contradicted his initial tweet about leaks. Somebody please spike my coffee.



Fortunately, Twitter users were in no mood for Trump’s nonsense and responded by skewering the president, making him look worse than he already does.

For the love of humanity, somebody please take this man’s phone away from him.