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At first blush, former Mexican President Vicente Fox and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump seem to have just enough in common to get on each other's nerves. At closer look, they also have just enough differences to truly despise each other.

Both men are bare-knuckled, loud-spoken, flag-waving, TV charismatic, business execs who rattled their countries' political establishment by running self-styled presidential campaigns as maverick outsiders. Both have larger-than-life personalities, an imposing physical presence, a slightly delusional sense of greatness, a reputation for being uncultured, a proclivity to racial insensitivity, and a Twitter account that is relentless, uncensored and angry.


Simply put, Fox and Trump suck all the oxygen out the room. If they got too close to each other, it would probably create a black hole.

But when it comes to views on foreign policy, trade, drug war and immigration, the two men are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fox has surprisingly progressive and thoughtful views, while Trump is unaware and uninterested about the world, and wants to build a big wall to keep it out.

In many ways, a Fox vs. Trump contest would be the ultimate political matchup—one the world is being denied because of things like the space-time continuum, borders, constitutions, and other stuff. Luckily, we have Twitter, a parallel fantasy world that we can access on our phones from the bathroom, and where Fox can challenge Trump in public.


Recently, that's all he's been doing. Fox, who in February told Fusion's Jorge Ramos that Mexico is not going to pay for Trump's "fucking wall," has not let up since then.

Over the past three weeks, Fox has tweeted exclusively and obsessively about Trump—38 consecutive tweets, by my count. In fact, you have to go back to March 16 to find one of Fox's tweets that's unrelated to Trump. But if you go back any further than that, you'll bump into more anti-Trump tweets.

It's part of Mexico's collective decision to start fighting back against the #OrangeMenace on social media, but it's also about Fox wanting to be the loudest voice in the room.

Fox's Twitter rant has been epic, escalating, and a touch illiterate, but also in English, so here are some highlights:

The dude can't even go on vacation without thinking and tweeting about Trump.

So far, Trump, who previously expressed faux alarm at Fox dropping an f-bomb in reference to Mexico's unwillingness to pay for the wall, has not responded to the latest barrage of tweets. He's too busy doing his own tweeting his appreciation of Scott Baio's endorsement, cause Donnie loves Chachi.