Screenshot from YouTube video

If ever you find yourself contemplating whether falling into the abyss would really be so bad, feast your eyes on the “opening video” for the 2017 Western Conservative Summit. It’s a stunning collection of radiant conservative dweebs, the vast majority of whom are very much inclined to clap on the 1 and 3, all dancing to that Justin Timberlake song from Trolls.

Seriously, it’s like staring into the sun. A very stupid, off-beat sun:

The summit, held in Denver for the past seven years, is an annual gathering of “influential U.S. conservatives.” Apparently, in 2017, that includes a cardboard cutout of Ronald Reagan.


Here’s the star of the video, Jeff Hunt, identified as the “director of the Centennial Institute” and the man put in charge of channeling Justin Timberlake’s soul-lite zestiness.


Introducing Donald Sweeting, brandishing the go-to dance that white uncles like to bust out when they’re loose off the juice (he even nails the squint and the lip-lick combo):

This one’s for you, and you, and you, and you...

Oh hey, SOME BLACK GUY NAMED BIFF. Seriously, they didn’t even give him a title, just some leftover wardrobe from Cedric the Entertainer.

This dude didn’t even get a name card, lol.

Or this random Asian chick, for that matter. Wait, did they even know what this video was for?


TFW you’re from a party that’s trying to throw millions of people off health insurance ahahahaha:

Now, for the part of the video where WE JUST REALLY WANT RONALD REAGAN TO BE ALIVE AGAIN.

Who needs criminal justice reform when you have CRAAAAAZY SOCKS:

I refuse to believe this is a real person.

The highway to hell is sponsored by Audi:

After watching this video, y’all? Same.