There are certain moments in pop culture that we just don't talk enough about. Think: Ashley Simpson's SNL hoedown, or when Tim Allen aka "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" was caught trafficking almost one and a half pounds of cocaine across state lines, or the fact that Enrique Iglesias has a well-documented habit of talking about his micro penis. We simply cannot let these things be forgotten with time.

So starting today, and continuing every week, we try to solve that problem. Here you'll find an eclectic mix of pop culture moments that We Don't Talk Enough About.


This week we're highlighting some of the crazy and absurd sh** that musicians do in their vehicles. A lot of it shouldn't be allowed, let alone advertised in song and memorialized in video.

Kanye West in "Power" says, flat out, "I was drinking earlier now I'm driving." Yes, they're just song lyrics, but we're willing to bet that 'Ye was doing just that — probably while driving a Murcielago looking for deer. And Kanye's drunk driving isn't even the half of it. Here are 5 times we should have asked, "They're using that car for what!?"

1. Ludacris “Move B**ch”

“I’m doin’ a hundred on the highway, so if you do the speed limit get the f**k out of my way. I’m D.U.I. hardly ever caught sober, and you’re about to get the ran the f*ck over.”

Questionable behavior:

He's literally saying he's about to commit manslaughter.

2. Billy Ocean “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

“Get out of my dreams, get into my car. Get out of my dreams, get in the backseat baby.”

Questionable Behavior:

Pretty sure yelling at strangers to get into your car results in the exact opposite happening 60 percent of the time, every time.

3. Nickelback, "Animals"

"It’s hard to steer, when you’re breathing in my ear,
But I got both hands on the wheel, while you got both hands on my gears”

Questionable Behavior:

Absolutely no one wants to hear about any sexual activity involving any member of Nickelback, least of all graphic vehicular sex acts involving Chad Kroeger.

4. Jay-Z feat. Jermaine Dupri “Money Ain’t A Thang”

“In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin’ four lanes, with the top down screamin’ out ‘Money ain’t a thang’.”

Questionable behavior:

Are they screaming at each other or to people in beat up Toyotas?

Are they cutting people off as they’re switching four lanes?

Are they bragging about being wealthy or trying to spread a message that happiness does not have monetary value?


(*BONUS for tax season): Did they get those cars for free, and if so, are they claiming these cars as additional income on their tax returns?

5. 2 Chainz “I’m Different”

“Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing. Middle finger up to my competition.”

Questionable behavior:

How does 2 Chainz expect to get into the scene when he's flipping everyone off?

What if it’s raining?

Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.

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