Pulse nightclub survivor Jose Ramirez reflects at a memorial one year after the shooting. Image via Getty/Joe Raedle

Today marked one year since the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Here are some snapshots of the tributes and events in memory of the victims and survivors.

Early Monday morning, family and friends of victims and survivors gathered outside of Pulse for a memorial service. The victims’ names were read at 2:02 a.m., the time the attack began a year ago.


Outside, “angels” wearing wings made out of pipe and cloth guarded, to protect the loved ones from any anti-gay protesters. Hundreds also gathered outside of the service, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Later in the day, another service was held right outside of Pulse. Among performances and tributes by local artists and community members, Pulse owner Barbara Poma spoke at the event.



“I appreciate the strength and bravery that many of you had to muster up just to stand on this site this morning,” Poma said. “Today marks the darkest moment of my life, the lives of our 49 families, and the lives of our survivors, our responders, our community, the LGBT+ community, the Latin and people of color communities across the world.”

Many paid tribute to the victims at the Inspiration Orlando mural outside of the nightclub.

Anti-gay protesters also attended the event. According to reporters and social media users on the scene, at least one protester was arrested by police.

Around Central Florida, community members paid tribute to the lives lost at Pulse through art, memorials, and acts of kindness.