This past Wednesday, Fusion hosted RiseUp, a one day event in Washington DC that brought activists, policy makers, artists and thinkers together to talk about how to transform protest and rebellion into meaningful and lasting change.

RiseUp was not about a single cause, but a common vision that anybody can take action and that together we are stronger. We asked attendees and speakers to pick the cause that made them rise up. Here are some of the answers:

What makes you rise up? Post a picture and tag us with #FusionRiseUp. A picture can't save the world, but adding your voice to the conversation can inspire others, spread awareness, or comfort someone when it seems that the world is not watching their struggle.

Elisa is a designer & illustrator that writes (and doodles) about pop culture, women, diversity and all things art. She is the human behind Fusion's Instagram account and Elvis Presley is her spirit animal.