It wasn't a good a night for Democrats. Plus, more takeaways from the midterm elections. We'll be adding as final results come in.

Kentucky's McConnell is virtually assured of achieving his dream of leading a Republican-controlled Senate.

Nebraska, South, Dakota and Arkansas hiked their minimum wage over the federal rate.

Stefanik is 30 years old. Holtzman was 31.

Oregon makes three, and Alaska makes four. Plus D.C.

She's also the first black Republican woman elected to Congress.

Joni Ernst and Shelley Moore Capito are in. Kay Hagan is out.

President Obama won 60 percent of the youth vote in 2012, but just 54 percent voted for Democratic House candidates this year, according to exit polls.

Obama's 44-point margin with Latinos in 2012 shrunk to a 27-point advantage for Democrats in 2014, according to exit polls.

Graphics by Alejandra Aristizabal & Gabriella Penuela