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The CW's Jane the Virgin returns for season three tonight, and with it, the most compelling love triangle on television today.

The utterly delightful Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) is torn between two men: Michael Cordero (Brett Dier), her first love who may or may not have just been shot to death on their wedding night (it's a long story), and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), the father of her son Mateo (who Jane, still a virgin, conceived via accidental artificial insemination by Rafael's gynecologist sister—again, long story).


But for some Jane fans, this isn't a choice at all. Allow four Fusion staffers to explain why even a bullet to the chest can't keep Miami's sweetest detective and its pluckiest aspiring writer apart. (Counterpoint: Here's why you should be #TeamRafael.)

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Diana Bosch:

Team Michael all the way. The relationship between Rafael was born out of circumstance, and of course it was exciting, but let's not act like Jane and Michael is a trip to Boringville. Together, Jane and Michael are disgustingly cute. Their relationship is fun to watch, with their inside jokes and handshakes. They are always so giddy together that the love just radiates off the screen. Michael has been loyal, patient, and committed to Jane in every way. He respects her choice to stay a virgin until she's married, supports her dream of being a writer, and also watches her ridiculous telenovelas! Not only that, he understands just how important her family and her heritage are to her. Let's not forget how he helped Abuela avoid deportation, saved Rogelio from the creepy stalker lady, and said his vows in Spanish! Also, what about his bromance with her father Rogelio?! Here's hoping there are many more kisses under snow at a South Beach hotel in season three.

Daniela Chamorro:

Here’s why Michael is the guy: He has been there from the beginning. Which means they have so much history! They have inside jokes, they have an amazing origin story, and they’ve had a super fun and healthy relationship. For example: When Jane said she wanted to wait till marriage, he was totally cool with it (Rafael, on the other hand, laughed and asked her if she was serious). Everything he does is for Jane’s well-being—he hunted down her son’s kidnapper, he stepped back when she chose Rafael, he didn’t insist on buying that amazing house when Jane ultimately decided to stay closer to Rafael for Mateo’s sake, he backed Jane up when she thought her novel idea had been stolen… I mean, I could go on forever. He’s also a classy guy and did not overreact when Jane told him she and Rafael had broken up. He waited for her because he knew he was the guy for her. He knows the Villanuevas like the back of his hand, understands the power of a family of women, and totally respects their boundaries. He’s even BFFs with Jane’s dad! Ultimately, as Jane’s boyfriend/fiancé/husband, he has helped build a relationship where they support each other, help each other, listen to each other, and lift each other up in every aspect of their lives.

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Elisa Rodríguez-Vila:

I get why people are Team Rafael. It's the obvious choice. He has more money, is more "attractive" (personally I hate the waxed eyebrows, tight shirt, club douche look, but anyways) and he's the father of Jane's child. In spite of all this, I am strongly on Team Michael and always have been. Besides the fact that both Jane and Rafael are Latino, they have nothing in common. Cultural differences aside, Jane and Michael had similar upbringings: They worked hard and had career goals. They also had a proven, happy, and healthy relationship for years before the accidental/miracle baby came along and threw Jane's life into a never-ending abyss of telenovela drama. All Rafael and Jane had when they were together was drama and misunderstandings. And Jane does not like drama. She likes lists, schedules, and grilled cheeses. Who's gonna stay up late rereading her novels and give feedback? Who's gonna make her laugh? Who's gonna actually read her lists? That guy is Michael. He might be kinda cheesy, but so is Jane. She's a giant nerd, in the best way.


These all might sound like boring reasons, but Jane and Michael also have passion and romance. And in the long run, compatibility is fun. Demons, playboy tendencies, and drama get old. I'm not convinced Rafael has completely changed—he's definitely still got some issues to work out (hello drug lord mother and daddy issues!)—and he just rolls his eyes when he can't throw money at a problem.

Plus, Rogelio is obsessed with Michael. And Rogelio knows best, am I right?

Tahirah Hairston:

Michael is corny, but so is Jane. He’s exactly what she wants and needs. He understands and has remained supportive of Jane even when she had a baby with another man. I do think Michael has a jealousy problem, but I also think his motives are always to make sure Jane is happy, even if she isn’t with him. That’s a man you marry and take home to your family.

Of course, Rafael is very, very attractive. But Jane’s relationship with him has mostly been based on fantasy rather than reality. She falls in love with him because she’s into the idea of being a family, and she’s accidentally having his child. Rafael proposes to Jane in a very romantic, dreamy way, but he barely even had time to date or get to know Jane. He’s very into their love story without realizing that a relationship is something you have to work for. Don’t get me wrong: Rafael is a great man and dad, but he’s not the one for Jane.