North America’s Glaciers Are Melting Four Times Faster Than They Were a Decade Ago

Across the world’s icy landscapes, climate change is spurring a major meltdown. That includes the western U.S. and Canada where not only is ice vanishing, but it’s doing so at a more rapid pace than it was just a decade ago, according to a new study released this week in Geophysical Research Letters.

This Is Not Justice: Former Chicago Police Officer Sentenced to 6 Years, 9 Months for the Murder of Laquan McDonald

As if we needed more proof of just how much the criminal justice system in the United States does not value the lives of black people, a judge in Chicago gave us a glaring example. The former police officer who murdered 17-year-old Laquan McDonald will serve just 6 years and 9 months for his crime.

The World's Greatest Board Game Weighs 20 Pounds, and Is Back On Sale 

I realize that you’re not used to paying $115 for a board game, but you should make an exception for Gloomhaven. It’s Board Game Geek’s #1 board game ever, and is “astoundingly good” according to Ars Technica. Hell, it weighs 20 pounds! It was also a finalist in our recent board game Co-Op on The Inventory. If you…