Jesus, these Barbra Streisand quotes about Michael Jackson's Leaving NeverlandĀ accusers are rough

Every now and then, our cultural zeitgeist coughs up a new public Rorschach test, the sort of big, emotionally charged issue that almost everyone can have an opinion on, and almost everyone can get really mad at other people for having the wrong opinion on. The internet has, of course, accelerated this processā€¦

Furious Over Falling Pay, Los Angeles Uber Drivers Prepare to Strike

In recent weeks Uber drivers in the greater Los Angeles area opened their apps to find the ridesharing company had enacted an approximately 25 percent reduction in their per-mile earnings to just 60 cents, a mere two cents above the IRSā€™s deductible standards. As a result, Drivers United, a coalition of drivers in theā€¦

You Can Actually, Maybe, Sort of Justify Buying a Herman Miller Aeron Today

What Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are to acting, Herman Millerā€™s Aeron is to office seating. The classic adjustable chair has supported butts in fancy offices for over 25 years, and you can get one with upgraded adjustable arms for $431 on eBay right now, a steal compared to the $1,000+ youā€™d spend buying direct formā€¦