At CPAC, Women Are Never Victims and Government Is the Real Threat

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD—Everyone was confused at “How to Win Women,” a CPAC panel originally scheduled for the afternoon of February 22. It was unclear whether or not the panel, hosted by the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF), was going to happen, or whether or not it had been silently abandoned. The volunteers staffing…

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Shocked By Racist Comment From Racist At Convention of Racists

Pundits and politicos were shocked on Friday when a spokesperson for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) publicly admitted that former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele was the Party’s token black guy. Although The comment was the least racist thing you might hear at CPAC, people…


PBS NewsHour Featured a Member of a Known Hate Group as a Mainstream Immigration Expert

PBS NewsHour bills itself as “one of the most trusted news programs on television” and a haven for “solid, reliable reporting.” That’s why it’s strange that, on its Thursday edition, it hosted an anti-immigration extremist from a known hate group and presented him as merely an advocate for stricter immigration laws.

Erika Alexander On the Legend of Maxine Shaw, Living Single, and Her Buffy Spinoff Comic

Erika Alexander has one of those signature laughs. It’s really more of a cackle. Over the phone, her effusiveness travels, just as her character Maxine Shaw’s did through five seasons of Living Single, the prototypical ’90s sitcom about four black women in Brooklyn. At one point a cultural force—the highest-rated…