Image by stab at sleep/Flickr

Morrissey celebrated his 55th birthday this week, his hair growing ever closer to Heaven, an inch for ever year, similar to the rings on a tree. To celebrate, we've put together this compendium of Morrissey GIFs to last you throughout the day. Please enjoy it privately and moderately.

12:01 am - You're awake. But is anybody else? Ever?

3:37 am - Nothing is new under the sun. Seems like the same is true for the moon.

6:12 am - Shouldn't have left the hair iron to heat on that pile of dirty laundry. Smells like a hairdresser on fire. Haha. Hm.


9:03 am - I'm still upset over that joke.


12:23 pm - Dat quiff tho.

3:07 pm - That hairdresser joke is going to haunt me all day.


6:44 pm - Forget it. Forget the joke. Who's for tempeh and toast?

9:12 pm - Haha. Hairdresser on fire.


Midnight - Well. Tomorrow is another day.

12:00:01 Unfortunately.