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President Obama spoke at his final White House Correspondents Dinner, delivering plenty of shots to the media and his fellow politicians before dropping the mic.

1. When I'm Gone


Obama walked on stage to "When I'm Gone," aka the song from the movie Cups. After the lyric "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone," Obama said "You can't say it, but you know it's true."

2. "Earn me some serious Tubmans"

It's all about the Tubmans!

3. "Counting down the days until my death panel."


Obama made a number of jokes about his age, including showing pictures contrasting how Michelle Obama hasn't aged while he has gotten "gray and grizzled." According to him, the last picture was taken "two weeks ago." That is quite the difference.

4. The Washington Post is not laughing


Obama took a few shots at the press. First, he thanked the actors in the movie Spotlight. He called the movie about investigative journalists who held those in power responsible "the best fantasy film since Star Wars." Then, he said somebody makes a joke every year about BuzzFeed changing the media landscape, and every year "The Washington Post laughs a little less hard." By this reaction, it seems like the Post is glad Obama won't be doing this another year.

5. "Congratulations on your success — the Republican party, the nominating process — it's all going great. Keep it up!"


Obama got some shots in to Reince Preibus, the Republican party chairman. "Glad to see you see you feel you've earned a night off," Obama told him.

6. "Baseball sticks? Football hats?!"


While campaigning in Indiana ("Hoosier country") this week, Ted Cruz referred to the basketball hoop a "basketball ring." Obama, ever the basketball fan, asked "what else is in his lexicon? Baseball sticks? Football hats?! But sure, I'm the foreign one."

7. "Nah, I'm just kidding. You know I've gotta talk about Trump!"


Obama started to talk semi-seriously about how a "free press is essential to our democracy" before laughing and announcing "Nah, I'm just kidding. You know I've gotta talk about Trump! Come on!" Obama joked that he was a "a little hurt that he's not here tonight. We had so much fun the last time." In fact, Obama asked "is this dinner too tacky for The Donald? What's he doing instead? Is he at home eating a Trump steak? Tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel?" Then Obama joked about the leaders Trump has met, such as "Miss Sweden, Miss Argentina and Miss Azerbaijan." Obama make a joke about Trump closing Guantanamo Bay before telling the press "I hope y'all are proud of yourselves" about giving Trump serious coverage.

8. Boehner gives some advice


In a pre-taped video, Obama wondered what he would do after he leaves office. He visited Biden for some "aviator time," called the Washington Wizards for coaching advice, went to the DMV to renew his license (where he showed his "real" birth certificate) and tried Snapchat before ending up hanging out with former House Speaker John Boehner. "You can just be you for a while," Boehner advised. Boehner and Obama took a badass stroll down in the White House to celebrate their retirement.

9. Peer pressure from Boehner


Not pictured: If Michelle Obama rolled her eyes over this.

10. The literal mic drop


After paying tribute to the White House Correspondents Association, Obama said he had two words: Obama out. And then came the literal mic drop.

11. Don Lemon responds


Both Obama and Larry Wilmore got plenty of jokes in about CNN. When Wilmore referred to Don Lemon as "alleged journalist Don Lemon," Lemon got his revenge.

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