11 clever last-minute Halloween ideas


Halloween is exciting—elaborate costumes, haunted houses, a reason to overload on candy. But it can be stressful: Crowded costume shops, Uber surge prices, realizing you don't actually like candy corn. We want to help! Here are 11 easy and fun Halloween costume ideas:

Hotline Blings

Drake's brought a zillion memes to the internet this year, and you can bring "Hotline Bling" to life (with some inspiration from Spike Lee's Girl 6), for the easiest Halloween costume. Grab two friends, your best skinny jeans, a pink t-shirt, a old-school headset, lots of jewelry and you get: The Hotline Blings.

Hanes, Best Buy, Forever 21

Insignia On-ear Headset, $9.99 at Best Buy, Hanes Short-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, $8 at Amazon, Forever 21 Statement Necklace, $13.99 at Forever 21

Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel

Visually, this season, American Horror Story has stepped up its game—especially Lady Gaga's Countess wardrobe. She's a glamorous, no-nonsense vampire who will seduce you before she slits your throat with her sparkly claws. Pull out a slinky nightgown, formal dress (or bridesmaid's dress you never thought you'd wear again) and complete the look with a black veil, silver gloves and bejeweled claws. Take it a step further and add fake blood to your face.

Screenshot / FX Networks
Etsy, Costume Discounters

Gothic Vampire Nails, $25.99 for 10 at Etsy, Vintage 1940s velvet hat, $50 at Etsy, Gloves, $9.58 at Costume Discounters

"Why You Always Lyin' " Dude

The "Why You Lyin'" Vine (which is now a full-length song by creator Nicholas Fraser), which remakes  Next's "Too Close," is definitely in the running for best meme of 2015. The clip's '90s R&B-inspired outfit (jeans, boxers waistband showing, open dress shirt) in the video is also in the running for easiest Halloween costume. Even better? You can ask everyone "why you always lyin" and dance in the rain, because it's part of your costume.

Slab on some body oil, leave the shirt on and wear your best jeans from the early 2000s.
Uniqlo, Express

Men's long sleeve shirt, $24.50 at Uniqlo, Ribbed cotton boxer briefs, $5.90 at Express.

North West and Penelope Disick

Are North West and Penelope Disick the most famous celebrity best friends who are also cousins? Probably. The toddlers have also mastered the art of looking unbothered and adorable at the same time. Paparazzi snaps of the two in their matching ballet class outfits make for an easy two-person Halloween costume.


Adult leotard, $14.50 at Discount Dance Supply, Leather Biker Jacket, $149 at H&M, Adult Halloween Tutu, $9.99 at Walmart.

J. Crew, Etsy, Danskin

J. Crew Blazer, $79 at J. Crew, Angel Tutu, $17.99 at Etsy, Short Sleeve Leotard, $24 at Danskin.

Zombie Yeezy Season 2

People might not understand Kanye West's clothing, but they definitely understand what it looks like. This season? A zombie apocalypse. Pair skin-tone leggings, boots, and an oversized sweatshirt with Zombie face paint.

Randy Brooke
Mango, Macy's, Palladium

Cotton sweatshirt, $49.99 at Mango, INC International Concepts leggings, $39.99 at Macy's, Palladium Baggy boots, $64 at Palladium

A Cookie Lion

Let's face it: So many people are going to attempt to be Cookie Lyon for Halloween (children, dogs, your co-workers). So, why not do it with a twist and be Cookie Lion? Put on an apron, add lion ears and tail, and pass out your favorite cookies. Everyone loves a costume that comes with snacks.

Walmart, Pricefalls Marketplace and Etsy

White adult apron, $3.22 at Pricefalls Marketplace, Lion's tail and ears, $12 at Etsy

A Trap Queen

Fetty Wap told The Cut that "everyone can have their own trap queen." Sure, he meant everybody can have a supportive woman in their life. But, Halloween is the perfect time to be a literal trap queen (keeper of the traps, a chic exterminator). Grab some old-school wooden mouse traps, glue them to a ribbon sash, add a crown: Instant trap queen status.

Bling Jewelry, Amazon, Amols

Royal crown, $32.99 at Bling Jewelry, Pink satin sash, $4.50 at Amols.  

Hillary Clinton at the Benghazi hearing

For 11 hours, Hillary Clinton held her composure in a room full of people trying to test her patience. In those same 11 hours Hillary Clinton made herself both more likable and GIFable. This Halloween costume is all about facial expressions, if you've got the skills to look unimpressed, annoyed, and over it while still being poised for an entire night, this costume is for you. If Hillary's not your style, opt for trying Donald Trump's hair.

Carry a stack of emails and perfect the Benghazi facial expressions.
H&M, Etsy

H&M suit pants, $24.99 at H&M, Jersey Blazer, $34.99 at H&M, Hillary Clinton earrings, $9 at Etsy

Joan Didion in Celine

Joan Didion modeling for Celine was one of the most unexpected and exciting fashion ad campaigns this year. She let the fact that she was "Joan Didion" be the focal point while the wardrobe was very chic, but understated. It's the perfect costume if you really don't feel like dressing up at all, but you happen to have a black turtleneck and sunglasses lying around.

Uniqlo, J.Crew, Nasty Gal, ZeroUV

Women's heattech turtleneck, $7.90 at Uniqlo, Claw clip, $4.00 at J.Crew Factory,  Pendant necklace, $35 at Nasty Gal, Designer over-sized sunglasses, $9.99 at zeroUV.

Rihanna performing "Bitch Betta Have My Money" at the iHeart Radio Awards

Before the legendary "BBHMM" video (complete with power suits, clear PVC trench coats, and over-the-knee boots) there was the legendary "BBHMM" live-performance. Rihanna wore all green Versace channeling Lil' Kim. This Halloween (and everyday) channel Rihanna. Plus, wearing a fur coat is a guarantee that you'll be warm all night. Add a stack of cash to prove you're really about your money. (If you can't spring for the coat, try a shaggy green bathmat.)

Choies, FarFetch, Ebay

Green transparent glasses, $21.59 at Choies, Unreal Fur faux fur, $348.76 at Far Fetch, Over-the-knee boots, $27.99 via eBay

A flip phone user

Flip phones are making a really weird comeback, though technically they haven't gone anywhere. Before you fully commit to the trend, how about trying it for one night? You can be Adele in "Hello," Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, Anna Wintour IRL, or yourself with no instant gratification. You might not be able to catch an Uber on Halloween, but we can guarantee your phone will stay charged.


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Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.

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