11 family members killed in revenge for reporting rape in Mexico, official says

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A woman and 10 members of her family were killed in Mexico earlier this week in what one official is now saying was revenge after the woman reported that she was raped years ago by one of the attackers.

A law enforcement official told the Associated Press that authorities believe two attackers on Thursday night shot and killed the family, which included two girls. A man, believed to be the woman’s partner, was slashed in what may have been an attempt to decapitate him.

The Puebla state prosecutor’s office told the AP that one of the attackers raped one of women years ago, and she had a child by him. He reportedly served time in jail.


Five witnesses survived the brutal attack, and are now under police protection.

The witnesses said the killers arrived at their home in the remote village San Jose el Mirador, opened fire and then left. Authorities said they believed the killers fled into the mountains in the neighboring Oaxaca state.

The suspects’ identity have not been revealed.

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