116-year-old man only wants one thing for his birthday

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What do you get for the man who has had 116 years to have everything? A good back scratch.

"Dad loves nothing more than having his back scratched," Delane Sims wrote on the birthday invites for her father, Andrew Hatch, the Contra Costa Times reports. "So we will come together, eat, sing happy birthday and scratch his back."

Hatch told the San Jose Mercury News last year that he was born in Louisiana in 1898, the same year the first car was was purchased in America. He lived mostly in the south for the first part of his eventful life, which included a flight to Mexico for several years "after he was accused of 'recklessly eyeballing' a white woman in Texas during the time of Jim Crow laws," the Times writes.


There is no documentation for Hatch's birth year, the Times reports, but Robert Young, a gerontology researcher, says that even if Hatch is about to turn 112, as Young's own research suggests, he would be the oldest man in America.

And he only wants one thing.

"We have a special back scratchin' brush that he loves and by the end of the night, he will have received his back scratchin' fill," Sims said.

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