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[UPDATED with more cartoons, 3:27pm EST] We've selected some of the more interesting cartoon responses to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. All images are used with permission from the artists or their representatives, unlike some sites we could mention.

Hany Shams, editorial cartoonist, Egypt:


Ted Rall, Universal Press Syndicate, on the media's ironic handling of the massacre:

Andy Dubbin for Fusion, a news organization that actually hires cartoonists:


New Yorker cartoonist Julia Suits, with a message we revere.

Dan Carino, a freelance cartoonist, with a cathartic gag on the twisted logic of a fundamentalist:


An homage to the slain cartoonists by Tom Tomorrow, creator of This Modern World:

Jack Ohman's take for the Sacramento Bee:


Clever use of layout from Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff:

Signe Wilkinson of the Philadelphia Daily News makes a similar point in a different way (via Cartoonist Group):


From Patrick Chappatte of the International New York Times. Born in Pakistan to Lebanese and Swiss parents, Chappatte is based in the U.S. and Switzerland:

From well-known Argentine cartoonist Liniers, creator of Macanudo:


An artfully-rendered take on the pens-drawn motif by Darrin Bell:

BONUS CARTOONS!  La Cucaracha cartoonist and Bordertown writer Lalo Alcaraz was on a flight to Houston on the morning of the attacks, and sketched out this much-shared image:


Eric Garcia, contributor to In These Times magazine, on protecting speech we may disagree with:

And finally, an inspirational note: Draw On!


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Andy is a graphics editor and cartoonist at Fusion.

Jen Sorensen is an award-winning political cartoonist and comics editor for Fusion's Graphic Culture section. A fan of visual storytelling about the world we live in, she's based in Austin, TX.