13-year-old finally declares he is too old to be the chief play officer at Toys 'R' Us Canada

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Toys "R" Us, the multibillion dollar corporation, employs a chief play officer in the Canadian arm of their operation, and said CPO is tasked primarily with playing with a bunch of toys and determining their merit.


Earlier this month, Toys "R" Us Canada's 13-year-old CPO Alex Thorne announced he's stepping down from the position at the end of the year. He's already in high school, and turning 14, and, well, people don't really play with toys anymore when they're in high school. Via the Toronto Star:

The gig, a dream job for most children, has made him among the first in Canada to get his hands on every season’s coolest toys, testing items that make Christmas wish lists months in advance.

“It’s too hard to keep track” of all the toys he’s tried, but he estimates the number to be in the hundreds.


Thorne revealed some toys just aren't that appealing to him, like ones designed for toddlers. Mostly, though, Thorne was stoked about his job, which has included testing "hundreds and hundreds" of toys, CNN reports. Lots of toys, to be tested.

I bet he is loving high school.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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