$149,000 could buy you Bruce Willis' old ski resort


People sell all sorts of junk on Facebook: Old computers, video games, ski resorts once owned by the star of the Die Hard films.

That's right, shoppers: A ski resort in Idaho that was once the property of Bruce Willis posted on Facebook that it was looking for a buyer to take over operations, and that everything could be yours for the low cost of $149,000.


Soldier Mountain is about two hours from the state capitol of Boise and, according to Curbed, contains about 1,147 ski-able acres with an elevation of about 1,425 feet on Forest Service land. It also has three ski lifts, typically not the cheapest things in the world to build.

Willis donated the area to a local nonprofit in 2012, who have managed it since. (A mountain is pretty cool, as far as Bruce Willis memorabilia goes.) The nonprofit has been fixing up the ski area, and explained the low price is strictly what it owes the bank.


Turns out a lot of people like the idea of owning a ski resort for about the cost of a reasonably-priced house. Less than a day has passed since the original post, and Soldier Mountain reports it received more than 400 inquiries, with more probably on the way.

But don't liquidate the retirement fund just yet. The whole reason the nonprofit is seeking a buyer is that it needs someone with the capital to keep the place open, something it currently cannot do. Running and maintaining a ski resort is not so cheap, as you might imagine.


Owning a ski resort sounds cool, but if you can't pay to keep it open, it's just a bunch of buildings on a mountain in Idaho. If that's what you want, you're better off buying a condo in Boise.

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