If there's one irrefutable truth in this life, it's that conservatives loves memes. And so it wasn't all that surprising to see the right react to the Democratic sit-in on the House floor with a veritable panoply of image macros.

The 15-hour-long sit-in, of course, was to bring attention to their bill proposing to tighten gun control laws in the wake of the Orlando shooting. Those in Congress snapped pictures on Twitter and hashtagged them with #NoBillNoBreak and #HoldTheFloor. Liberals were very excited and inspired by the sit-in:

As the sit-in continued, the conservative web was flooded with memes that accused Democrats of defending a bill that would put guns in the hands of Muslim terrorists. But as many have pointed out, however, the bill itself, which includes a provision preventing those on the no-fly terror watch list from purchasing guns, actively discriminates against Muslims, and hundreds of thousands of people on the list have no terrorist affiliation.


#Democrats trying to violate #2A & #DueProcess to disarm #Americans so only #IslamicTerrorist will be well armed.

— wtfnews (@wtfnewsamerica) June 23, 2016


Other memes focused less on this "radical Islam," though, and just resorted to calling the Democrats a bunch of babies.


Some riffed on the conservative love of calling anyone on the left lazy:


One was a (rude) reference to a medical alarm commercial for old people:

#DemocratSitIn look how far they have fallen! #RedNationRising #TCOT @PolitiBunny @Artist_Angie

— Greg Worzel (@GregWorzel) June 23, 2016

Another was, I think, just plain racist:


But most all of them fundamentally misunderstood the fact that living in the United States means you're more likely to die by gunfire than nearly every other country in the world:

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.