Most holidays (except your¬†birthday) involve¬†giving gifts to¬†other people, which is great, but let's be real: Buying things for yourself feels great too. Self-care is #important, and being single on Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to indulge‚Ķ in yourself. It's like your birthday, round two‚ÄĒand it's so close to¬†payday, it must be written in the stars. We rounded up 15 ways¬†to treat yourself this Valentine's Day (or any day, really).

1. Bright, vampy lipstick

The right lip color can upgrade any situation, whether you're binge-watching The Good Wife or on a bad first date and need an excuse to go to the bathroom and phone a friend.

Nasty Gal

Vamp, MDM Flow, $18 at Nasty Gal; Supreme, MDM Flow, $18 at Nasty Gal. 

2. A grown-up toy you don't have to share

Being single on Valentine's Day definitely shouldn't mean you're not getting any, or feeling the urge to 'swipe right' for a last minute lackluster find. Why not take matters into your own hands? (Yes, this adorable thing is a vibrator.)



Limon, $119 at Minna Life.

3. A T-shirt that understands your needs

Seriously, who?



ASOS's Valentine's oversized tee, $31 at ASOS. 

4. A lacy bodysuit

To wear while walking around the house listening to Anti.

Hanky Panky


Plus size signature lace teddy, $79 at Hanky Panky. 

5. Small cards with daily reminders

Put these on your mirror for when you're getting ready to go out‚ÄĒand for when¬†you come home a little drunk.



Cards, $4 each at 

6. A lavish indulgence for your face

For one night only, drape your face in 24K gold‚ÄĒliterally.



Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle 24k Gold Intense wrinkle sheet mask, $12 at Sephora.

7. A fancy natural body polish

So fresh and so clean, clean‚ÄĒand also smooth, and eco-friendly.



Coco Rose body polish, $36 at Herbivore. 

8. A hat to go with your 'Formation' tickets

Hopefully, you got yourself the best V-Day present ever‚ÄĒtickets to the Beyonc√© show. If not, well, this hat isn't exactly the equivalent, but it's cute, right?



Picante Dad Hat, $36 at Beyoncé. 

9. Cashmere loungewear

Name a better way to show self-love than lounging around the house in a cashmere turtleneck.



Cashmere Turtleneck, $170 at Everlane. 

10. A 'Netflix and Chill Alone' uniform

An outfit that's built for 48 hours of doing nothing.



Pajamas in Silk and Lace, $69.99 at H&M. 

11. A book about love

It's also Black History Month, and bell hooks is one of the most important black women and scholars of our time. In this book she answers the question, "What is love?"‚ÄĒdoing away with using the word "love" as a noun, but instead as a verb.



All About Love by bell hooks, $8.44 at Amazon. 

12. A silk slip

Swap out your tattered go-to sleep shirt (that formerly belonged to the last guy you dated) for this sexy black slip.


Anya Rose

Silk Laundry slip, $132 at Anya Lust. 

13. An accurately expressive T-shirt

The perfect T-shirt to wear after an excruciating day of cat-calling and man spreading.


Wacky Wacko

Putting Up With Men's Shit 2.0 T-shirt, $29.95 at Wacky Wacko.

14. Michael B Jordan in the flesh… er, fabric

Whoever said sleeping alone was lonely didn't know about this body pillow.

Izzy and Liv


Michael B. Jordan body pillow, $69 at Izzy and Liv (similar one here). 

15. #Important Nicki Minaj lyrics panties

A daily reminder.


Kitty on Fleek panties, $21.66 at Pantyhoez.

Tahirah Hairston is a style writer from Detroit who likes Susan Miller, Rihanna's friend's Instagram accounts, ramen and ugly-but cute shoes.