17 more episodes of 'Arrested Development' on the way, says producer Brian Grazer

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Get ready to spend some more quality time with the Bluth family.

Film and TV producer Brian Grazer joined Grantland founder Bill Simmons for an episode of The B.S. Report, the writer's long-running sports and pop culture podcast, released this morning. In the midst of discussing mega-hit freshman series Empire, which Grazer's Imagine Entertainment co-produces, Simmons brought up another of Grazer's best-known TV projects: Arrested Development.

"People are loyal to it, and we're going to do another 17 episodes," Grazer said. So stay tuned for Arrested Development."

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The cult favorite comedy originally aired on FOX from 2003 to 2006, where it proved a perennial critical darling with a tiny, fiercely devoted audience. The show's long-awaited fourth season (in which Grazer appeared on screen alongside co-producer and series narrator Ron Howard) premiered on Netflix in 2013, to mixed reviews.

In January, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos spoke optimistically of the show's future on the streaming network, as did Will Arnett last August, but this appears to be the most official confirmation of a season five yet — right down to the exact number of episodes.

You can watch Simmons' full interview with Grazer here (he drops the Arrested Development bomb around the 24:28 mark):

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