Women, huh? We sure are great! So say the editors at WIRED:

In that spirit, the women of Gizmodo Media Group decided to put together our own list to thank the special men who help us blog every day.

They are, in a very particular order: The guy that walks Bella the mastiff outside on West 17th Street; the guy that does the MTA announcements; Dr. Zizmor; Robert Moses; my chiropractor who retired early and moved to Palm Springs after the election; Abraham Lincoln; the La Colombe barista who gave me a free iced coffee when I forgot my wallet at home; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; Splinter politics editor Alex Pareene; Jifitip; Brandon Boyd from Incubus; Gene Belcher from Bob’s Burgers; Slackbot (though admittedly it’s unclear if Slackbot has a gender); Neil Armstrong; George Washington “for kicking this great American experiment off RIGHT”; George Washington Carver for inventing peanut butter; Steve Jobs; “my Uncle Paul who always reads my blogs but doesn’t always agree with me but is glad I am getting my POV out there”; Clippy;


John Roberts; Cavity Sam from Operation; “my doorman, Elgin”; Tom from MySpace; “Andrew Cuomo for the MTA, which brought me to work”; Ryan Gosling; David Lynch; Bo Obama; Barron Trump; Jack Kerouac “for teaching me it’s OK to be weird”; “the whole Beat Generation”; “the actor who played Jack Kerouac in that movie with Kristen Stewart”; The Beatles; Bran Stark; Satan with a big honkin’ hog;

This guy;


ChuanDo Tan;


Stanley Tucci (for everything, but especially for his performance in 2003's The Core):

Coconut the cat;

Claire Neveu


Kalo the cat:

Katherine Krueger

And Toby the cat.

Emma Roller


Yep, that just about covers it!

Thanks to WIRED for kicking off the trend, and most of all, a sincere debt of gratitude from all the ladies at Gizmodo Media Group to all the men in our lives, whom we cherish and respect.

Ladies, who are some treasured men (real, fictional, alive, dead, human, animal, or inanimate) you’d like to shout out? Sound off in the comments!