America Is Saved!!!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

We, the fans, have had a lot of false starts about a possible West Wing reunion in years past.


But Joshua Malina—the actor who played Will Bailey on the show and who’s made a sport of tweeting cruel jokes about an as-yet-unannounced reunion of Aaron Sorkin’s masterpiece political drama—was at it again in the wee hours of Thursday morning, tweeting a photo of him and the whole gang, back together again!

This document raises any number of questions. Is Malina simply throwing meat to the braying legions of walk-and-talk superfans? Is Aaron Sorkin looking awfully red in the face because he’s in intensive writing mode? Or could this be an early indication that, yes, America will finally be saved with the return of this beacon of Civility and Norms in Politics? Also, who’s taking this photo, Leo’s ghost?? (I claim no responsibility for spoilers if you’re not up to speed on West Wing canon.)

As with the fate of us all, the viability of a reunion remains very much uncertain, for now. But rest assured: We’ll be breathlessly covering any developments on this topic.

Managing Editor, Splinter