Sean Hannity Is Trying To Feud With CNN's Jim Acosta Because Things Can Always Get Dumber

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

“Start the pointless feud you wish to see in the world,” Fox News man Sean Hannity whispered to himself in the mirror last night before embarking on a mission to take down CNN News Man Jim Acosta in the arena where all real battles are won and lost—online.


He called Acosta—known professionally as Jim— “Jimmy” and used a bad word!!!! He also said an esteemed serious journalist like Acosta shouldn’t be upset over something as trivial as his “feelings.” Hannity did NOT come here to play.

This marks an effort by the 65-and-older set’s favorite talking head to stir something up with the CNN White House reporter. Acosta became the story again while covering a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in Tampa, where the president’s supporters interrupted his live shot with heckles of “CNN sucks” and worse.

In an interview with HLN’s S.E. Cupp, Acosta said his treatment at the rally made it feel “like we weren’t in America anymore.” But as bottom-feeders like Hannity know all too well, this absolutely is America—it’s just taken others longer to realize that.

Managing Editor, Splinter