Trump to RNC Donors: 'The Democrats Hate Jewish People'

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After a week of insanity during which House Democrats threw Rep. Ilhan Omar under the bus for her comments on Israeli lobbying then belatedly attempted to extract her from underneath the bus, Donald Trump and the Republicans have now fully embraced their newfound love of calling Democrats anti-Semitic.


Trump, never one for subtlety, debuted this new smear in its full glory when talking to Republican National Committee donors at private Mar-a-Lago event on Friday, according to Axios.

“The Democrats hate Jewish people,” Trump allegedly said, according to Axios sources.


Sure!!! Why not!!

If Trump wants to know what true anti-Semitism looks like, all he needs to do is look at himself. Remember when he posted a photo of Hillary Clinton on a background of dollar bills and next to a Star of David on Twitter? Or his constant references to “globalists? His association with Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka? His pushing of conspiracy theories about George Soros? His assertion that there were “fine people on both sides” of a rally that included neo-Nazis?

But never mind all that, back to the party!

Later on at Mar-a-Lago, Trump apparently told the crowd that he couldn’t understand why Jews would vote for Democrats, and referenced his loyalty to Israel, including his decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He told the crowd, with characteristic ego, that if he could run for prime minister of Israel, his polling would be at 98 percent. (In fact, his approval rating in Israel was 69 percent last October [nice], which is high, but not quite as high as he believes.)


Trump then went off on a strange tangent, as he often does. He described staying in the White House over Christmas, watching Secret Service agents from outside his window.

“They’re in the trees, on the lawn,” he apparently said. 

“They’re in blackface,” he said, apparently joking about the masks Secret Service agents sometimes wear.


“[So maybe] they have to take [the masks] away,” he added jokingly.

Very normal!!!

Another important announcement gleaned from the party is that Trump has changed his nickname for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Instead of “Crazy Bernie,” he will now refer to Sanders as “the nutty professor.” Take note!


Amazingly, there was a plan in place to prevent leaks at the event. Security guards had attendees keep their phones in magnetized pouches, which they carried around like purses. No word on what the plan was if guests removed their phones from the pouches. Better luck next time, guys!

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