GOP Candidates Ready to Make AOC and Ilhan Omar Their 2020 Villains

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Lynne Homrich is a former Home Depot executive running for Congress in Georgia’s Seventh District as a Republican. Can you guess what her campaign strategy is?


Let’s take a look:

Hell yeah baby, jumping right into the fear-mongering! Funnily enough, Homrich’s attacks on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib aren’t... really that damaging. Mostly it just makes them look cool, but to a certain demographic, watching Omar say “we are still ready to throw down” is probably terrifying.


Then Homrich drops the hammer in the new ad, saying: “If your kids behaved like these women, you’d ground them. If they worked in your business, you’d fire them.” Damn! Got ‘em!

Homrich’s campaign seems like the perfect distillation of the GOP’s game plan for 2020. A white former executive (she ran human resources!) for one of the most brutally capitalist companies running? Check. Lecturing progressive congresswomen about not having good manners? Check. Vowing to “work with President Trump” and “take on the career politicians?” Check. Thanks, Lynne.

Homrich is clearly banking on the fact that Georgia’s Seventh hasn’t elected a Democrat since the mid-’90s, per the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and banking on her whole stern working mom schtick endearing her to voters in the majority white Atlanta suburbs. But if this lackluster shit is the best the GOP can put together, that could be a huge opening for Democrats—in 2018, Georgia State University professor Carolyn Bourdeaux came just 419 votes shy of flipping the seat and toppling incumbent Republican Rob Woodall, who announced he would not seek re-election in 2020. Bordeaux announced she was going after the seat again in 2020 back in February, so Homrich is already late to the game, and starting things off with a whimper.

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