Racist Babies Issue Groveling Apology to Trump After Embarrassing the Hell Out of Him

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

For a short time during his psychotic rant to rapt crowd of aspiring fascists at Turning Point USA’s recent Student Action Summit on Tuesday, Donald Trump found himself standing in front of a doctored image of the presidential seal—one in which the seal’s usual olive branch and arrows had been replaced with cash and golf clubs, and the Latin motto of “E pluribus unum” instead read “45 es un titere,” or “45 is a puppet” in Spanish.


The screw-up—hilarious as it was—prompted a lot of head scratching from people wondering how the hell the leader of the free world was duped into mugging in front of an image designed to highlight his dipshittery to the world. And on Thursday, we got our answer.

Speaking with CNN, a source within TPUSA—an organization famous for its roster of diaper-wearers and racists—explained that there had been “zero malicious intent” and instead blamed an overeager member of the group’s AV team, who, it turns out, is very bad at using the internet.

“One of our video team members did a Google Image search for a high-res png (file) presidential seal,” the source explained, adding that they were under time-sensitive orders to include an image of the presidential seal, after a technical run-through of the president’s address a few hours earlier only featured TPUSA event branding. “We’re sorry for the mix-up and meant no disrespect to the White House or the President or the advance team,” the TPUSA source told CNN.

The White House, of course, also threw TPUSA under the bus, with a spokesperson telling CNN: “We never saw the seal in question before it appeared in the video. For anything further, you would need to contact Turning Point — it was their event.”

While it doesn’t appear as if the screw-up actually runs afoul of the stringent federal laws governing the use of the presidential seal, the fact that the president’s de facto millennial foot soldiers couldn’t even Google their dear leader’s official logo without shitting the bed doesn’t exactly bode well for the first element of TPUSA’s motto of “Identify. Empower. Organize.”

According to CNN, the TPUSA member responsible for the seal SNAFU has been let go from the organization.

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