2016's most disturbing phase is definitely the 'Ted Cruz sex scandal' phase

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Over the past couple of days, the Republican presidential race has entered possibly its most disturbing phase yet: the "Ted Cruz sex scandal" phase.

To recap: The National Enquirer posted a story claiming that some people were claiming that Ted Cruz was a serial adulterer. Cruz swiftly denied the story—which, for anyone who has watched a Ted Cruz stump speech, seems…far-fetched—and accused the Donald Trump campaign of spreading it. Trump then said he had nothing to do with the story and that he hoped it wasn't true, unlike all those other stories the Enquirer had gotten right.

Got all that? Obviously, the story looks to be total nonsense, but the real problem is that the notion of a "Ted Cruz sex scandal" is even being discussed. Nobody wants to think about a Ted Cruz sex scandal. Nobody wants to talk about a Ted Cruz sex scandal. Nobody wants a Ted Cruz sex scandal to be a real thing, because then we would have to think and talk about Ted Cruz's sex life more than anyone cares to. After this weekend is over, the idea of a Ted Cruz sex scandal should be buried deep at the bottom of the ocean until a situation arises in which there is no choice but to excavate it.

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