3 Times We Felt Really Bad for Krish Goldstein

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…like, really bad. Like, we wondered if maybe he could possibly die or at least develop some sort of aggressive rash.


Good Morning Today’s intrepid junior reporter, Krish Goldstein, personifies morning TV's "can do!" attitude, and that sometimes means putting himself in potentially dangerous situations.

We know the rules tend to be a little different in alternate universes (for example: their top-rated morning show seems to take place in the evening, and they believe a monocle and a cork constitute appropriate evening attire), but we still can't help but to feel bad that these things actually happened to Krish:

That Time He Ended Up in North Korea

I mean. At least he got to participate in a parade. People like parades, right? No? Never in the history of human development has anyone ever enjoyed subjecting themselves to standing around to watch a seemingly endless stream of noise, stomping, more noise, and then some more noise? And also maybe some people in silly hats? Wait, yes on the hats, but only kind of? I guess you're right. Poor Krish.


That Time He Ended Up in Atlantis, or Possibly Florida

If there's anything worse than finding yourself someplace that has spent decades upon decades submerged in a festering stew of fish farts, it's finding yourself in a Florida beach town. And I say that as a Floridian. Our state bird is a half-eaten chicken nugget in a used condom. Poor Krish!

That Time He Visited Scientology's Headquarters

During his exclusive peek at the set of Tom Cruise's latest film in Clearwater, Florida, Krish seemed to get really into the idea of becoming one with a group of people on the lookout for the easily broken, the fragile, the sort who might become, say, intrepid junior morning show reporters with no close friends or family and a pathological need to please. Poor Krish!!!

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