4 ways you can help Ferguson right now

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The last week of November is usually the time of year when we give thanks and start to reflect over the past year. If you’re reflecting over the decision by a St. Louis County grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, and you want to do something to help people in Ferguson, here are four ways:

Donate to Ferguson Libraries

Several schools in and around Ferguson have closed during the unrest to ensure the safety of students and staff, leaving many young people with nowhere to go. Throughout the chaos, the local library in Ferguson has been one of the few places that has remained open. Lately the library has doubled as a quiet place that offers books, food, water and even counseling.

"I've had one or two people come in and just basically cry to me because of what happened last night, how they're feeling about it and how tough it is for them," library director Scott Bonner told Talking Points Memo. "And we've had a whole lot of volunteer teachers come in here with this drive to help people, bring that kind of optimism in." You can donate to Ferguson Municipal Library by visiting their website.


Donate to Local United Way Food Banks

Michael Brown graduated from Normandy High School, where the majority of the students come from poor and working-class families that qualify for free and reduced priced meal programs. The local St. Louis United Way has been helping distribute food in Ferguson to ensure young people have access to healthy meals while schools remain closed. To make a donation, visit St. Louis United Way website.

Add Your Name to this Petition

ColorOfChange, the nation’s largest online civil rights organization, is hosting a petition calling on the Department of Justice to prosecute Wilson under federal criminal charges. “Mike Brown's killer may never be held accountable — unless President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder take action,” read an email sent by ColorOfChange to its almost 1 million members. Read more about the petition on ColorOfChange.


Send Your Love to the Brown Family

The NAACP is collecting messages of support for Michael Brown’s family. You can send your condolences to the Brown family by visiting the NAACP website.


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