5 Lessons Learned From Veet's Sexist Ads

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Update: Veet removed the videos from their YouTube channel and issued an apology on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.


While some women may be embracing their body hair, Veet, the makers of a line of depilatory creams and waxes, warns women to use their products or they'll turn into a dude.

It's not news that advertisements use sexist tropes to market their products to consumers. Just last month, Microsoft released a commercial that implies that women buy computers to plan their weddings and Summer's Eve has informed us all that a pH balanced soap could make a man less masculine. Gold nuggets of (useless) information, right? Veet's latest hair removal commercials are no exception.


Here are five things Veet wants you to know so you don't become a dude.

1. A cab driver may not pick you up if you have hairy pits.

2. You'd better remove your body hair in case you get into an accident because embarrassment is more painful than injury.


3. If your legs have stubble, you have become a man and that's not okay.


4. Do it for your pedicurist who thinks your furry legs are disgusting–or she or he will definitely talk about you.


5. Even if your leg is in a cast, you'd better find a way to keep it hairless:


These are important rules to live by, gals!


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